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Increased Efficiency and Productivity... Pain and tension can rob people of energy, often causing premature fatigue, decreased efficiency in tasks, and reduced productivity. By using these principles to reduce their levels of pain and tension, participants can experience all the benefits of having greater ease in their daily work regimen. 

Reducing Absenteeism... Long term exposure to high tension levels forces people to function less efficiently and can directly lead to greater absenteeism due to musculosketal pain, headaches, and other conditions impacted by stress and tension. Everyone benefits when people experience increased physical freedom. 

Reduced Use of Medications... Chronic pain and tension can lead to the use of prescription and non-prescription drugs that can prove costly, as well as have long-term, detrimental health effects. Self-help wellness techniques like those taught in these programs may provide participants with a reduced need for pain relievers and other medications. 

Injury Prevention... Individuals with high levels of psychological and/or muscular tension are more prone to muscular strain and injury. Participants will learn practical self-help techniques and simple life-style changes to keep their muscles flexible and relaxed. These programs will target medical conditions impacted by stress and tension as well as common muscular issues such as neck pain, shoulder pain, back pain, headaches, carpal tunnel syndrome, calf cramps and sciatica. 

Greater Morale and Confidence Levels... People with high levels of pain and tension often feel helpless in their ability to affect symptoms. This feeling of helplessness can impact confidence, self-esteem, and levels of depression which can be additional factors in productivity, efficiency, and susceptibility to additional pain and tension. Empower participants to feel the excitement as they gain a better understanding of their body’s processes, and how they may exert a greater influence on their own well-being.

Most Requested Body-saving programs

John Gifford's program, is a must see for any dental professional. I was assigned the position of host to Mr. Gifford during his presentation "Managing Muscles Under Stress"  at the 2013 Michigan Dental Association's annual convention.  His interactive program was motivating, educational, and he provided practical body saving strategies targeted specifically to the needs of our profession. We learned stretches to incorporate into our work day, trigger point strategies to reduce tight muscles, and about the connection between our psychology and muscle tension. His teaching style engages the audience during the entire program. I cannot imagine anyone being bored during this class. Feedback throughout and after the presentation appeared to be extremely positive.  Great job Mr. Gifford!”

Carol Stamm
Past President Michigan Dental Assistant Association
University of Michigan School of Dentistry
Clinic Coordinator Restorative Research

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"After receiving numerous requests over the years from dental hygienists to have John Gifford present, I decide to take their advice. I'm glad I did!  I loved having such an energetic and educational presentation as part of our 2011 spring curriculum. We had over 350 attendees and the feed back was overwhelmingly positive. Thanks to Arbonne, Surgitel, and GC America for making it possible. Great program, great presenter!"

Keynote Programs: [45 Minutes] These programs key in on specific areas of concern. In “The Plaques of Life” keynote, for example, John uses plaque as a metaphor for the process in which small stresses and tensions left unchecked can have a serious impact on our health. 

Break-Out Sessions: [1.5 Hours] Aimed at teaching a specific self-help skill. “Chair Stretches to Save Your Back and Neck” and “Relieve Your Wrists the Trigger-Point Way” are sample titles from this category. 

Short Classes: [3 Hours] Comprehensive courses that covers all aspects on how to keep your body safe and pain-free. “Body Saving 101” is a course where participants are taught simple stretches, ergonomic tips, mind-body strategies to reduce tension and trigger-point techniques to release tight muscles. 

Full Program: [5 Hours] The full program is designed as a wake-up call to motivate people to see their body as their most important tool and to start taking specific actions to maintain their health. These programs may venture more in-depth on a specific subject matter or they may be tailored to fit your needs to include a keynote or closing speech, 5 energizer breaks (approximately 20 minutes) and 2 break-out sessions (1.5 hour programs). They are available in local (30 Mile Travel Radius) or abroad.

“Every person in the dental profession who wants relief from pain and stiffness should attend this seminar by John Gifford! Evaluations from our members have been extremely high. In fact, the only complaints from participants that the program is too short!” 

Anne Gwozdek 
Past President Michigan Dental Hygienists Association 

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