• My disk is causing my pain...right?9:44

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Stretching, educational interviews, pain research, myths of pain, trigger point strategies, pain science and pseudoscience, and practical anatomy teachings are representative of sample subjects covered. Additionally, considerable time is spent on exploring the role of the brain and its impact on muscle pain as seen in Tension Myositis Syndrome (TMS), distraction pain syndromes and fibromylagia.

  • Client Interview_Stress Equal Fear?23:09

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Notes & Links: The landmark study by H.K. Beecher of pain experienced by men wounded in battle can be found here. Article on placebo effects of sham surgery can be found here. New England Journal of Medicine Article on herniated disks in people without pain can be found here.

The Relaxed the Back Podcast Show

  • Under Pressure13:30

Notes & Links: JAMA article on care for herniated disks available by clicking here

Notes & LinksSeated Hip Stretch 
Search Terms: Drop foot, psychological overlay, psychosomatic, Bonnie Prudden Myotherapy, Janet Travell, MD.  

  • Drop Foot, Stretch In Chair, Causation vs. Correlation31:08

  • Stretching Guidelines - Tight Tendons12:08

  • All medications are bad...right?8:48

  • Emotions and Pain, Questionable Posture Strategy12:29