The Best Time To Stretch?

"Muscles that are pliable are less prone to injury and spasms which result from reduced oxygen levels in muscle tissue."

Herniated Disks and Pain Free?

​"Remember that having pain and having a structural abnormality does not always mean that the two are related in any way."

The Use of Heat and Cold

"Many trainers use a simple technique called contrast therapy, which consists of alternating heat and cold."

How Long Will My Session Last?

"It is a good idea to get clear from the beginning how your therapist defines the meaning of 'an hour'."

Believe Me It's True!

"It can be so tempting to take a belief just deep enough to make others wrong."

Peace in the Concrete Jungle?

"Sometimes what we love most about an experience or a person are the feelings that arise in us at their presence."

When Relief is a Symptom

"Carol's major pain contribution was revealed not when she had the most pain, but at a time when she felt the best."

Game, Set...Hip Flexors?

"The greatest challenger to her advancement in tennis has not been the opponent across the net."​​

The Phenomenon of Referred Pain
"For our discussion, referred pain is a pain or sensation that is felt distant from the area being treated."
Applying Pressure to Trigger Points

"I try to emphasize to my clients and student that there is a dramatic difference between deep work and aggressive work."
Myotherapy and Herniated Disks

"You will find few pain conditions that research shows are made worse by keeping the muscles relaxed and pliable."
How Many Sessions Will I Need?

"I always tell my clients that if they have undergone three sessions with no change, then fire me."
Ready to Stretch?

"Better to start with a few simple moves you can successfully practice throughout the day than an involved routine that will be hard to maintain."
Keep a Journal...Help Your Back?

"Scientists speculate that repressing painful emotions raises the level of stress chemicals..."
Nursing Hip Pain

"Watching her limp into my office for her first visit, I suspected that a small muscle in her hip was causing Barb's symptoms."
What is the Best Cancelation Policy?

"In this practice, clients will be asked to pay their full session fee for appointments cancelled with less than 12 hours notice if their reserved slot cannot be filled."

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