"Much of my life has revolved around my back and neck pain. I tried to do all the right things to keep my back healthy in terms of exercise, stretching and various therapies, yet, the pain remained a predominant force in my life. John Gifford has been the key to my achieving greater control over my symptoms. As a psychiatrist, I am greatly impressed with John's extensive knowledge of the connection between our emotions, tension, and pain. The benefit of his words may be as valuable, if not more than, his hands."
Jeffrey London, MD

"John Gifford has served as adjunct faculty and has taught many semesters of anatomy of movement and sports massage/occupational pain courses here at Baker College. His knowledge in both areas is of the highest caliber and evaluations from the students are always extremely favorable (comments such as "amazing instructor" & "changed my life" are not unusual). Additionally, I have experienced his therapeutic techniques and I can also attest to his high level of clinical skill as a massage therapist and myotherapist. My only complaint is that I cannot convince him to teach here more often!"
Patty Berak, MBA,NCBTMB, BHSA, CHt,
Massage Therapy Program Coordinator
Baker College of Clinton Township

My dentist referred me to John Gifford after I complained of back pain at my most recent appointment. Mr. Gifford's combination of Myotherapy®, massage, and passive stretching proved very beneficial in just a few sessions. He also taught me a simple stretch to help maintain pliability in my key areas of tightness."
William Gross, MD
Vascular Surgeon

"For several years John Gifford worked in my group practice as a provider of Bonnie Prudden Myotherapy. This therapy works well for helping patients find relief from chronic pain who choose not to take medications, have not responded to traditional methods of pain relief, and/or are looking for ways they can help themselves." 
Kristin Keskey, M.D. 

"John Gifford has helped me tremendously when I have episodes of muscular pain.  As a former dancer, and as a practicing physical therapy assistant, I have knowledge of the need to keep muscles pliable and the benefits of deep tissue massage and trigger point therapy. However,  finding a hands-on practitioner who can work at the depth required, without being too aggressive with soft tissues can be challenging to say the least.  John has been able to develop a method of deep tissue care that is the perfect combination or depth and technique to help provide relief from muscular pain.  I will continue to refer patients to him who require deep tissue therapy as part of their overall care."
Victoria Costantini 

Physical Therapy Assistant

"I had shoulder pain that shot down my arm mostly due to my profession, so I thought I would just have to live with the pain. Myotherapy proved me wrong. I saw Mr. Gifford for 4 or 5 treatments and the pain was gone. The most beneficial aspect of Myotherapy for me, was the exercises he showed me to keep my pain from returning. I still return to John regularly for prevention of further muscle problems, for I know all too well that it is easier to prevent a problem than to treat one." 
Steve Hechtman, Dentist

"As a resident I began referring patients to John Gifford who were having problems with chronic headaches, neck pain, and radicular pain.  The Bonnie Prudden Myotherapy® produced positive results.  I invited Mr. Gifford to observe a cervical surgical procedure to give him a better understanding of the muscles of the neck.  He noticed I was forced to assume an unnatural posture for extended periods of time which was aggravating my neck and shoulders, and we proceeded with weekly therapy with great benefits.  I hope increased numbers of doctors will realize the benefits of incorporating this type of work into their chronic pain treatment regimens."
Douglas Raedy, D.O., Ear Nose & Throat Surgeon

"Carol and I have coached thousands of girls during our careers coaching gymnastic and tumbling skills to top level competitive cheer teams. When any of our athletes are suffering from muscular pain they have two options from us, "Go see John Gifford or be quiet." We too have been patients of John and have benefited immeasurably from the combination of his hands-on care and his mind-body strategies."
Carol & John Blaha
Owners, Tap Gymnastics

"I have sent many patients to John Gifford who were suffering from chronic headaches, back pain, or neck pain. The results were very good, even with patients who had not responded to traditional medicine." 
Leonard Portner, M.D. 

"I see many patients who have TMJ problems, and Bonnie Prudden Myotherapy® is one of the modalities I choose to use when muscle spasm is involved.  I would recommend John Gifford's services as an integrative method of pain relief."
Richard Scavo, M.S., D.D.S.

"Several years ago one of my patients suggested I find out about John Gifford's work. I took that suggestion and I now consider John part of our extended team of rehabilitation and performance enhancement treatment providers. Every client we send to John comes back with very positive reviews of his work. His advanced hands-on care techniques combined with a keen perspective of the mind-body connection allow me to give John my highest recommendation as a sports massage and myotherapy provider."
Sherry L. McLaughlin, Physical Therapist, MSPT, OCS, CSCS
Owner, Michigan Institute For Human Performance
Author, Lessons from the Couch & Lessons From The Journey

"Our group medical practice has had great success with the patients we have referred to John Gifford for systemic muscle tension, migraine headaches, neck pain, and lower back pain."
Gary R. Moersch, PA-C

Client References

"John Gifford's skills as both a myotherapist and an educator teaching people self-help strategies to reduce muscular pain and tension are of the highest caliber. I have referred patients to him and have personally experienced his work. John's combination of hands-on skills and his extensive knowledge of the mind-body connection make him a valuable asset for people who are searching for alternative forms of relief for muscular pain and tension."
Ernest L. Yoder, MD, PhD , FACP
Professor and Founding Dean
Central Michigan College of Medicine

"John Gifford's trigger point therapy and massage care has been very helpful for the muscular component of my cervical pain issues."
Keith Metz, MD

"I have referred a countless number of patients to John Gifford over the last fifteen years. I have also suggested to many of my colleagues that they refer their patients to him as well. His knowledge of anatomy is extensive, his hands-on skills are excellent and he possesses an excellent attitude and bedside manner. Additionally, his knowledge of the relationship between psychology and pain is an added benefit to his hands-on skills. When my muscles hurt I call John and I suggest others do the same."
Dennis Dobritt, DO
Board Certified Pain Management & Pain Medicine
Owner, Tri-County Pain Management Centers

​"Dr. Radtke referred me to John to help with severe tennis elbow that was affecting both my fitness activities and my ability perform dental procedures. Using Myotherapy and corrective stretching, John was able to correct this problem for me and suggested lifestyle changes that would prevent the problem from recurring.  As a competitive recreational athlete and practicing dentist I often incur muscle stresses and strains. I use John's work both to relieve muscle problems that arise and as way to increase my athletic performance and reduce the possibility of injury.  I have also referred my own patients to him and they too have experienced very positive results."
Dr. Sheryl Pomerance, DDS

John Gifford's combination of trigger point therapy and deep tissue massage has provided me the highest level of relief from my cervical pain and associated headache symptoms. I have undergone various other treatments, which have not been nearly as beneficial. I highly recommend his method of deep tissue care.
Dr. Ronald Schmier, MD

"John Gifford relieved my neck and arm pain in five sessions when six weeks of traditional methods failed. I found out about John through another physician who had been helped greatly using his services." 
Groffrey Trivax, M.D. 

I could barley stand up straight due to lower back pain at my first appointment with John Gifford. I had tried other treatments over several weeks without success. John's unique combination of Myotherapy, stretching, and deep tissue massage provided almost miraculous results for me. I felt so much relief after one session that I played hockey the next day without any pain. I have referred my patients and friends to him over the years as his methods are a viable option for the treatment of muscular pain and tension.
Dr. Neal Mozen

"I have known of John Gifford's work for over fifteen years. His hands-on methods are medically sound, simple in application, and are an effective integrative treatment option to obtain relief from muscular pain and tension." 
Dennis Giannini, MD 
Diplomat, American Board of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

“John Gifford has helped me greatly in gaining greater control over my lower back pain.  His  hands-on therapy, combined with the self care stretches and strategies have enabled me to enjoy a life with less muscular pain.  I have no doubt that my career in dentistry, and my golf game will be much less painful thanks to John’s efforts.”
David Bastianelli, DDS

"I thought my career of dancing and teaching was over due to chronic back pain. I tried all of the conventional medical treatments but the pain kept coming back. Myotherapy was the only treatment that gave me lasting relief from my back pain. Now whenever any of my students sustain an injury I send them to Mr. Gifford and I know they will be back dancing in no time." 
Eric Johnston Director, Detroit Ballet 

"John Gifford's Myotherapy® and bodywork services have proven invaluable to me. He has helped me (when conventional treatments were ineffective) with my neck and shoulder pain issues resulting from a whiplash injury. Recently, I had underwent injections for an acute pain problem in my foot, yet is was his hands on work that first provided lasting relief. I have referred both patients, family and friends to John, who are suffering muscular pain and who are looking for an effective, safe method of pain relief."
Dr. Lori Haddad 
Founder, The Skin Spa

"John Gifford's massage and trigger point therapy has become a regular part of my personal wellness care.  Being an involved mother as well as a practicing physician creates numerous opportunities for high levels of muscular tension and tightness.  John's care is less of a luxury than necessity for me as I think would also be true for others."
Kris Hyde

​"I have had a professional interest using Bonnie Prudden Myotherapy® for the treatment of chronic headaches.  Additionally, working with patients and sitting most of the day, I sometimes get lower back or neck pain.  Mr. Gifford has helped me from these pains and taught me how to keep the pain from returning.  I have referred several of my patients as well as my own family members to Mr. Gifford, and the responses have been very positive.  I will continue to recommend Bonnie Prudden Myotherapy® to my patients and especially to my colleagues for themselves or their patients suffering from chronic pain."
Jonathan D. Falk, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist​​

"I was referred to John Gifford by a colleague of mine in the hopes he would be able to help me with my chronic back pain and headaches. I will be eternally grateful for that referral. His method of therapy, simple stretches, and suggestions on dealing with mental tension have helped me finally take control of my pain and eliminate my constant fears of when the next muscle spasm will occur. I golf, play squash, and live a very active lifestyle. I hate to think how I'd be spending my retirement had my colleague not suggested I see him. I have no doubt that my career in dentistry would have been much lees painful if I would have know this information 30 years ago. If you think you don't have time for learning his techniques, when will you have time for the pain?" 
Sheldon Watnick, DDS 

"Listen to John Gifford when he gives advice about how to stay pain free. I should know, I was his patient, and contrary to the advice of my colleagues (except the one who referred me to John), my sciatica did not require surgery." 
Ken Trader, M.D.

"I have been practicing physical therapy for over 30 years and have experienced the work of countless hands-on practitioners.  John Gifford has, without question, the highest level of skill and professionalism as a practitioner of deep tissue massage and trigger point therapy.  I  have referred many of my own patients to Mr. Gifford, and every member of my family has been under his care at one time or another, including myself.  When the need for deep tissue therapy is required, Mr. Gifford is the practitioner of choice."
Margaret Kamenec, 
Physical Therapist

​"My preferred choice for deep tissue therapy is John Gifford.
Andy Weidenbach, Skating Coach
Detroit Red Wings

Before working with John Gifford, my lower back and hip pain was consuming my daily life. While seeing patients, I would have to constantly change my physical position to try to alleviate my discomfort.  My personal life and physical actives were also impacted greatly due to my constant pain.  Through John’s care of deep tissue therapy and corrective stretches I have my life back.  I rarely think of my back while working with patients and I have resumed all of my personal physical activities as well.  I only wish I wish have found John sooner!
Steven Gluck, DDS