I hired John Gifford to present his virtual course, “Hold It Right There!”, to our members in January of 2021.  He taught us how to relax our tight muscles using self applied trigger point therapy. His presentation was educational, motivational, and provided a practical technique to help people move with less pain and tension.  The feedback from his talk was completely positive and we had many requests to have him back to teach again. People are still commenting about his talk weeks later!I cannot imagine a person who would not benefit immensely from taking a training from John.  He has helped me immensely with my own muscle pain  and he gets only my highest recommendation as a speaker; and I have seen many in my decades of working in the fitness industry.
Allison Kaplan
Founder and President, ZoomCrew

“I took a virtual CE course in 2021 featuring John Gifford teaching self care muscle relief strategies for the dental professional. I found the information very useful to help me keep my muscles healthy while working in this profession. I highly recommend John’s course!”
Rebecca Schwarcz, DDS

​We hired John Gifford to present a ZOOM virtual two hour dental pain management continuing education course, “Self Care Pain Relief Strategies” on February 6, 2021.  Our company has hired Mr. Gifford several times in the past and we continue to do so because of the positive evaluations we receive from attendees and the quality level of his teaching. The evaluation‘s from his course were among the highest we have received for any course we offer. Many attendees felt, similar to past programs with John, that his class was one of the most informational and useful continuing education offerings they have ever attended. Participants have requested more classes with John and they really enjoyed his humor and style! Some even called him “very entertaining with high energy!” Zoom can be tough and stuffy, sometime even boring... but many said they could have watched him for even longer than 2 hours!! I myself have been to many continuing education courses and this was the first time I’ve ever experienced any of John Gifford’s programs and I completely agree with these highly positive evaluations. 
We looking forward to offering future programs with Mr. Gifford as his level of expertise, practical self care content, and engaging teaching style is a wining combination for dental professionals to have less pain and tension in their lives. 
Shalon Leigh Wyman, BS, HRA
Training Coordinator
Peak Performers, Inc

​​​​​​​"I hired John Gifford to speak at our 2017 Michigan Dental Association Winter Scientific Session. He came highly recommended as a unique, dynamic speaker whose subject matter of body saving strategies for the people working in the dental profession is valuable content for virtually every person working in this industry. The written evaluations we received for his course as well as comments from participants easily placed him in the top rankings for our conference.  Not only was he engaging and highly educational for our members, I found his professionalism related to the business of professional speaking to be of the highest caliber.  He spent considerable time learning about our group, it’s history, and made sure the handout materials were perfect, and he inquired about my time frames and began and ended his program exactly as I requested.  I have been with the Michigan Dental Association for sixteen years, and I have been a Certified Meeting Professional since 2008. Mr. Gifford receives my highest rating as a professional speaker who has a style of speaking that educates, engages, and entertains all at same time."
Shawna Owens, CMP
Manager of Continuing Education
​Michigan Dental Association

​"Hi John, Marty Werschky here. Greatly enjoyed your presentation and have already implemented your stretches into my day. Feels better already! Thanks again for great night at November, 2016, Gennesee District Dental Society meeting. Your presentation was PERFECT for our event."
Dr. Martin Werschky, President
Genesee District Dental Society

​​"​On behalf of the Perio Study Club, thank you so much for your outstanding presentation, John Gifford’s Back In Dentistry, Body Saving Strategies!  For six exciting hours on October 4, 2017, you amazingly kept over 450 of our members moving, engaged and empowered with a wide variety of self care pain prevention strategies that they could begin using immediately.  Your materials were exemplary (I am thrilled we decided to provide a copy of your stretching book to each participant), and the entire process of working with you and your team from beginning to end was professional, stress free and seamless.  The extensive, positive evaluations from our members echo my supportive sentiments about your skills as a speaker, storyteller and educator.  Your presentation will no doubt go down as one of our best continuing education offerings, and as a professional speaker you receive only my highest recommendations. Thank you so much for agreeing to spend the whole day with us.  Our muscles definitely needed your help!  A job VERY WELL done!
Sabrina Cameron, RDH, BS
​VP of the Periodontal Study Club

​​I hired John Gifford to present his program “Self Care Muscle Relief Strategies” on January 19th, 2018 in Ann Arbor, Michigan and March 9th, 2018 in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  The evaluations we received were overwhelmingly positive, as some attendees felt it was their best continuing education event they had ever attended. I highly recommend John as an effective, engaging presenter and his simple strategies for self care on and off the job are practical and useful. This is a program that would be very useful for any person with a desire to take greater control over their health of their muscles.
Kim Stolar
Peak Education and Training Manager

​We invited John Gifford to present his continuing education course, “Genetic Self Care” at our Virtual 2020 Michigan Association of Genetic Counselors (MAGC) Annual Education Conference. John had previously presented on self-care for one of our regional MAGC Professional Development events; we received such positive responses from our membership that we chose include him in our state-wide conference.  This was one of the first times we offered a CE course in the category of self-care, and certainly the first incorporating active attendee involvement in exercises. We were unsure what the response would be from our members, especially when presenting virtually. His course turned out to be one of the most highly rated classes of our conference. Many attendees specifically commented that Mr. Gifford’s information was extremely relevant to both their professional and personal lives. He was a highly effective presenter teaching us practical self-care strategies, and he spoke with a style that kept everyone engaged and interested. In short, his class was a complete success and I would, without hesitation, hire him again as a presenter.  I highly recommend John as a speaker on self-care strategies. 
Melissa A. Hicks, MS CGC
Chair of the Michigan Association of Genetic Counselors Education Committee
Certified Genetic Counselor, DMC University Laboratories
Adjunct Assistant Professor, Wayne State University School of Medicine

“John presented to our Association in May of 2021. His course was one of the best continuing education courses I have attended in my career.  Not only did he keep my and all of our attendees engaged with his dynamic style, his level of education and experience is very uncommon in our field. If I could give ten stars I would!  Highly useful content presented by a top level teacher!  Would hire again no questions asked!”
Cheryl Woods
President, International Myomassethics Federation, Inc.

“I hired John Gifford to teach a virtual continuing education course on May 2nd, 2021 at our annual association meeting. His course was a complete success!  The feedback from our members was entirely positive about the simplicity and effectiveness of the stretches and related self care strategies he taught.  His program was educational and engaging from beginning to end and members were amazed how John could so effectively connect with our total audience with his enthusiasm and dynamic teaching style, (attendees said they could listen to him talk all day).  His ability to teach from over thirty years of clinical practice provided a depth of material that is beyond compare.  Don’t hesitate to hire him if you have the opportunity!
Sharon Wolf
Vice President, International Myomassethics Federation, Inc.

“I heard John Gifford speak on body saving strategies at a virtual educational conference for the Michigan Association of Genetic Counselors 2020. I learned useful stretches and strategies I continue to use in my own self-care. His talk was educational, positive, and entertaining. Highly recommend his course!”
Mary Oliver, MS, CGC

​"John Gifford did it again!  He presented his “Save Your Body” program to nearly 400 dental professionals attending our 2015 continuing education conference held at the Novi Showplace in Novi, Michigan. He packed his unique body saving self-care principals into his high energy interactive program in a style that only he can do and he went over and above to make sure his sponsors were recognized during his program. Hiring John to speak for me is always easy, as he accommodates every special request I make and I always know his evaluations will be overwhelmingly positive. I have no hesitation booking him again in the future, and would highly recommend his program to any dental meeting planner looking for a dynamic speaker to improve the health of their attendees."
Cathy Vestrand 
President, Vestrand Consulting Services

“John Gifford's program, is a must see for any dental professional. I was assigned the position of host to Mr. Gifford during his presentation "Managing Muscles Under Stress"  at the 2013 Michigan Dental Association's annual convention.  His interactive program was motivating, educational, and he provided practical body saving strategies targeted specifically to the needs of our profession. We learned stretches to incorporate into our work day, trigger point strategies to reduce tight muscles, and about the connection between our psychology and muscle tension. His teaching style engages the audience during the entire program. I cannot imagine anyone being bored during this class. Feedback throughout and after the presentation appeared to be extremely positive.  Great job Mr. Gifford!”
Carol Stamm
Past President Michigan Dental Assistant Association
University of Michigan School of Dentistry
Clinic Coordinator Restorative Research

In 2011 I had the opportunity to co-facilitate an event with John Gifford in Novi, Michigan to over 400 attendees.  It was the first time I had attended an event where he was presenting his program of self-care for dental professionals. As a professional speaker and educator to the dental profession, I was impressed by John’s ability to not only engage but inspire an audience of dental hygienists on the subject of saving their bodies from pain and tension.  Since that time we have collaborated on a magazine article and a video project related to empowering dental professionals with the resources to prevent and reduce pain associated with working in the field of dentistry.  Without reservation, I would highly recommend him as a speaker and educator to aid in the relief for those working in the dental industry.
Jo-Anne Jones, RDH
Award Winning Speaker & Educator
DPR’s Top 25 Women in Dentistry 2016

"I was pleased to have John Gifford as the keynote speaker for the 2012 Careers in Medicine Conference at the International Academy.  We had several members of the medical field speak about their area of expertise including physicians, physical therapists, dentists, neurologists and radiologists.  John's unique approach gave the students a new and inspiring view of the field of medicine. It was great to have a speaker that got the students up, moving and laughing. John taught stretches from his book which we purchased for the students. They also learned and performed trigger-point techniques and were given an introduction to the impact of stress and tension on the body. Thanks John, for setting the tone for our 2012 Careers in Medicine Conference as our keynote speaker!"
Jackie Laymac
International Center Director
International Academy

"As a provider of high-quality continuing education for dental hygienists, I was very intrigued to learn about John Gifford and his programs teaching dental hygienists to manage muscular pain and tension. I invited him to be part of filming for the next series of lessons. He was a natural in front of the camera and kept the filming upbeat and positive. I am delighted to offer his unique program to our followers. I have no doubt that he will be received with praise and gratitude from those suffering from muscular pain and tension in the dental industry. I hope to work with John again soon!"
Ray Homer
DVD Quarterly, Ontario Canada

"Just a couple weeks before our 6th annual Women in Dentistry expo, a colleague suggested we sponsor John Gifford as a presenter. I am so pleased we were able to secure him as a speaker at such late notice. We were very pleased with his energetic and educational program. He was the perfect high energy addition to close out our program and send our attendees away with practical strategies to reduce the pain associated with dentistry. Thank you John for a great afternoon!"   
Liz Cascaden
Director of Marketing, Education and Customer Development
Expertec Dental

"After receiving numerous requests over the years from dental hygienists to have John Gifford present, I decide to take their advice. I'm glad I did!  I loved having such an energetic and educational presentation as part of our 2011 spring curriculum. We had over 350 attendees and the feed back was overwhelmingly positive. Thanks to Arbonne, Surgitel, and GC America for making it possible. Great program, great presenter!"
Cathy Vestrand
Vestrand Consulting Services

"John, thank you so much for accepting our invitation to be a presenter at the International Academy’s 2010, First Annual Symposium on Careers In Medicine and to take a seat on our medical expert panel discussion regarding the issue of Health Care Reform.  Your knowledge, enthusiasm and passion certainly engaged our students and your participation on the expert medical panel kept the discussion lively, thought provoking, and interactive.  Our students and faculty gave you the highest reviews.  Thank you as well for your generous gift of providing a copy of your latest book, Essential Stretches You’ll Acutally Use to our students.  We are definitely looking forward to having you take part in next years symposium.  Great Job!"
Jennifer Bruen
Enrichment Coordinator 
International Academy

“John Gifford’s program The Pain-Free Dental Professional, was the perfect CEU offering for our group!  The reviews we received were extremely positive to all aspects of his program.  He was able to key in to the specific pain and tension relief needs of dental hygienists and kept us entertained throughout the course.   This is one session we hope to sponsor again.”
Jennifer Kivi, RDH
President, Genesee District Dental Hygiene Society

“In June of 2009 I attended John Gifford’s The Pain-Free Dental Professional which was promoted by the Washtenaw District Dental Hygienists’ Society.  Unfortunately, due to a previous commitment I was unable to stay for the full program, but wish I could have, as Mr. Gifford presented much needed key strategies to help hygiene professionals reduce muscular tightness, tension, injury and pain using a practical self-help approach. He presents his practical body-saving content with enthusiasm and humor, which makes this one CEU program where boredom would not be a concern.  I look forward to attending a longer presentation from Mr. Gifford in the near future. By increasing my knowledge of ways to reduce the physical risks of my profession, my time as a dental hygienist is prolonged. This is one investment which benefits both myself and my career.”
Paula Weidig, RDH, MA
2009- 2010 President, Michigan Dental Hygienists’ Association

“After receiving an overwhelmingly positive response to having John Gifford keynote at one of our joint meetings in 2008, it was clear we needed to have him back to present a full day seminar in 2009.  His engaging program taught us how to reduce the physical risks of practicing dental hygiene and exceeded all of our expectations.  I know of no other speaker who addresses this topic as clearly and as effectively as Mr. Gifford.  Not surprisingly, the evaluations reflected the highest levels of satisfaction from our participants.  We laughed, we learned, we all felt better, and left with strategies we could implement immediately to help save our most important tool...our bodies! Mr. Gifford’s program gets WDDHS highest recommendation.”
Sharon L. Libich, RDA, RDH, LDH, BS
Washtenaw District Dental Hygienists' Society President 

“John’s keynote address for the 2007 Michigan Occupational Therapy Association fall conference exceeded our highest expectations! He taught us practical strategies to reduce our stress & muscle pain and tension in a format that was interactive and exciting. His keynote was perfect for getting our conference off to a fantastic start and set the tone for the following two days. Comments from attendees have been extremely positive. In short, having John speak for our conference only left us with one regret...that we did not book him to speak longer!” 
Susan Robosan-Burt, OTR, MiOTA Conference Committee 
Angeline Bayci, OTR, MiOTA Conference Committee Co-Chair 

“Every person in the dental profession who wants relief from pain and stiffness should attend this seminar by John Gifford! Evaluations from our members have been extremely high. In fact, the only complaints from participants that the program is too short!” 
Anne Gwozdek 
Past President Michigan Dental Hygienists Association 

“I sent my staff to John Gifford’s seminar and I urge my colleagues do the same. John Gifford’s unique approach has helped me take control of my back pain more than any other therapy or medical treatment I have tried. If you want to leave this profession with your body intact, you need this program.” 
Dino Tolias, DDS
Owner, Gentle Dentist-Smile Makers 

"I made countless decisions during the process of putting together the First Annual Midwest Yoga conference in June of 2000. We had over 700 attendees and I expect our attendance to grow each year. I had heard John Gifford speak at another meeting and thought he would be appropriate for this conference. By far the single best decision I made was to have him provide the keynote lecture for our event. He customized his topic perfectly for our theme, was professional and easy to work with, and gave an outstanding presentation. I would hire him again, no questions asked." 
Jon Kest 
Founder First Annual Midwest Yoga Conference

“John’s engaging personality and his passion for his profession keeps his presentations fun, informative, and practical. You learn beneficial techniques that you can apply at the office the next day. Team members that attend his course together will re-enforce the therapeutic and timeless methods that were taught. John promotes an affective holistic approach to a pain-free lifestyle.” 
Sharon L. Libich, RDA, RDH, LDH, BS
Washtenaw District Dental Hygienists' Society President  

"Thank you for coming to speak to our Key Administrators Group. We were all very happy to learn how to use simple life-style adjustments to lessen our pain and tension in our highly stressful working environment. The feedback from participants has been very positive, and hopefully we will be able to have you back again for a refresher course. Thanks again for your high energy and very useful program." 
JoAnne Reus, Administrator 
Center for Great Lakes University of Michigan, Literature Science & Arts 

"John Gifford's lecture for relieving muscular pain and tension in the workplace was both informative and useful for relieving the aches and pains experienced at work. His very unique presentation was energetic, uplifting, and was enjoyed by all." 
IBM Club of Greater Detroit 

"Hundreds of Hair Stylists and Cosmetologists in New York have your program to thank for keeping pain out of their profession.!!! This is the second year for you with us and your part of our annual convention is now vitally important to its success. The humor you use keeps everyone interested, and your common sense, practical approach makes for a great class. Your opening night lecture is a great way to kick off our convention and get everyone moving and mingling. Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge with us, and helping us become pain free so we can concentrate on doing what we love. We look forward to working with you next year!" 
Karen Canne 
Director of Convention Services Alfred New York State University 

"As director of human resources for a major university I have been to countless meetings, conferences, and seminars. Often you have a speaker who is knowledgeable, yet boring, or someone who is humorous and motivating, yet weak in substance. I have had the pleasure of attending several of Mr. Gifford's presentations, and I can state with authority that you get the whole package with John - his knowledge, wit, and enthusiasm for his work makes him a wonderful speaker on a topic that interests all of us - how to improve our performance by managing our muscles under stress, and have a life free of pain." 
Ted Heidloff 
Executive Director-Human Resources Eastern Michigan University 

"Thank you so very much for your excellent presentation at the Fall Convention of the Michigan Association of Professional Court Reporters. We have received the highest comments such as, 'Excellent Speaker', 'Speaker was very inspirational', and 'Fantastic Speaker'. Your presentation generated exactly the kind of response we had hoped for. Thank you for doing such a fine job." 
Jenny Lyn Reibsome 
Executive Director Michigan Association of Professional Court Reporters 

"Thank you Mr. Gifford for such a great program! We had far more attendees than I expected, and your presentation was of the highest quality--highly motivating and very informative. We laughed, stretched, and learned simple ways to reduce the pain and tension in our bodies. The evaluations from the participants were very positive, and some commented that this was the most useful time they had ever spent at a lecture. There was only one drawback: People wanted more time with you! I hope we can convince you to return for a 4 week series in March of '97. It is a pleasure working with speakers of such a high caliber as yourself." 
Debbie Sobodash 
Staywell Program Coordinator, Jeep and Truck-Engineering 

"I had Mr. Gifford come speak to our staff about how to prevent muscle problems that are associated with working in a dental office. In our work, stress as well as the physical demands of the different jobs makes our muscles tight and sore leading to headaches, carpal tunnel syndrome, etc. He explained why we were having pain, and showed us specific stretches and other self help methods for relief. There was no room for boredom during this exciting presentation! The information was very useful and I am very glad he came to our office. I would recommend his services to any business wishing to improve the morale and productivity of its employees." 
Lori Zimmerman 
Office Manager Edward Borio, D.D.S. 

“Thanks so much for your presentation, "Managing Your Muscles Under Stress!” I've heard countless presenters throughout my career in continuing education, and I believe your teaching style, including your content and enthusiasm, to be of the highest caliber. Additionally, your use of audience participation and humorous stories are very effective. I wish we had more time with you! Thanks again for teaching us how to live a life with less pain and tension." 
Gale Colwell 
Executive Director The Community House 

"The first time I saw John's program was at a brand new dental hygiene group's first CE offering. We were all nervous. Was this just another, feel good program? Were people interested? We were so pleasantly surprised when we drew a large crowd who gave rave reviews. It is interactive and fun! Different from those long lectures. Everyone participates and smiles! This is a must see—take it home and use it—program." 
Bonnie Nothoff, RDH 
1998-1999 Michigan Dental Hygienists Association President 

"I have attended hundreds of seminars during my 20+ years as an occupational and environment safety consultant. Mr. Gifford's program is by far the best I have ever experienced. He has the remarkable gifts of making complicated information simple to understand, and to bring humor and excitement into topics that can often lead to boring lectures. He had my complete attention for every minute! His practical, common-sense instruction on how we can all prevent most of our pain and muscle tension is very much needed in today's high stress workplace. Every company would be smart to have Mr. Gifford's methods taught to its employees." 
Fred Waller, R.N., C.H.S.P., C.O.H.C. 
Occupational and Environmental Health and Safety Consultant 

“I first heard Mr. Gifford at a convention in which I was also a speaker. In my years as a worker's compensation attorney I am a firm believer in teaching people how to prevent injuries, and I was very impressed with Mr. Gifford's presentation on how to prevent and relieve muscle tension at work. He combines humor, common sense, active participation, and enthusiasm that keeps you involved the whole time. I was so impressed with this lecture, and the timeliness of the subject, that I had Mr. Gifford speak to my law firm as well. He was very well received, as I expected. I would recommend Mr. Gifford to any convention, group, or business that is looking for a high energy presenter on a topic that applies to almost everyone...how to stay free of pain." 
James Reiter 
Worker's Compensation Attorney 

"I took John Gifford's course on Self Help Pain Relief Techniques at the University of Detroit several years ago, and it was the most useful continuing education class I have ever attended. In fact, I have shared the trigger point techniques and stretches I learned with numbers of my patients who suffer from headaches and neck pain. Furthermore, I have been able to greatly reduce the physical toll that dentistry takes on my body. In my opinion, anyone entering the dental profession or any profession, should be required to learn his methods of self-help pain relief." 
Linda Fortino, DMD 

"I was referred to John Gifford by a colleague of mine in the hopes he would be able to help me with my chronic back pain and headaches. I will be eternally grateful for that referral. His method of therapy, simple stretches, and suggestions on dealing with mental tension have helped me finally take control of my pain and eliminate my constant fears of when the next muscle spasm will occur. I golf, play squash, and live a very active lifestyle. I hate to think how I'd be spending my retirement had my colleague not suggested I see him. I have no doubt that my career in dentistry would have been much lees painful if I would have know this information 30 years ago. If you think you don't have time for learning his techniques, when will you have time for the pain?" 
Sheldon Watnick, DDS