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Essential Stretches (you'll actually use) is a stream-lined and easy-to-follow essential guide to stretching your muscles to keep them happy.

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John Gifford has performed over 40,000 sessions of hands-on care. Additionally, through our educational programs, products, and consulting services, he strives to empower people to exert a greater level of impact towards the reduction of their muscular tightness and tension. He is also the only approved provider of Bonnie Prudden Myotherapy® in Michigan and the largest in the United States. As one of the country's most experienced bodywork professionals, John Gifford, has helped thousands of people find relief from muscular pain and tension. 

Essential Stretches

(you'll actually use)

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Myotherapy® & Sports Trigger Point Therapy

 We believe that our success relies on our continued commitment to excellence, experience, and integrity. We are the premier provider of deep tissue massage and sports trigger point therapy.  John Gifford has over 30 years and 40,000+ sessions of hands on experience of Sports Trigger Point Massage that incorporates deep tissue massage techniques with Bonnie Prudden Myotherapy® (for more on John Gifford go to About John Gifford).  Additionally, our facility is maintained to the highest standards. Adherence to our chosen high levels of quality standards require great time and expense, and often we are not competitive from a perspective based solely upon financial considerations.

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As a seminar leader, his presentations receive top ratings from Fortune 500 companies, universities, and national conventions. Past clients include IBM, University of Michigan, Ford Motor Company, Michigan Dental Hygienist Association, College and University Human Resource Association, Chrysler Motors, and Eastern Michigan University. His most popular keynote presentation, "Managing Your Muscles Under Stress," focuses on teaching people how to use simple stretches and other self help techniques to ease pain and alleviate stress. Humor, enthusiasm, and common sense explanations are the trademarks of his "HIGH ENERGY" presentations.

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